Burton Mills

About Us

Bespoke financial management solutions

Burton Mills is global provider of financial services whose client base spans 64 countries and is comprised of private investors and their families, corporations and institutions. Through a range of tailored investment strategies, we work in partnership with clients as we seek to meet the dynamic needs of a select group of sophisticated investors.

Our investment philosophy is focused on the provision of absolute returns as we merge proven investment theory with innovative securities analysis to deliver risk-adjusted portfolio management solutions.

Only by maintaining our independent status are we able to provide such a dedicated and effective service.


Independent provider of choice

With the help of the financial industry's brightest minds, our experienced professionals and supportive administration have steadily promoted Burton Mills as the recognized, independent provider of choice for investors seeking a more personalized approach to management of their wealth.

Since inception, we have witnessed a dramatic shift as investor preferences demand more insight into the investment practices of their chosen providers. Fueled by high profile instances of corporate irresponsibility, many investors now prefer to work directly with a single adviser in order to maintain transparency.


A philosophy of principle

Our core investment principles are guided by the founding philosophies that have successfully served our global client base through a number of economic cycles;

  •  Impartial advice free from the conflict of interests often associated with larger investment houses and institutions,
  •  Integrated team approach combining individual financial disciplines into a suite of comprehensive management services,
  •  Performance linked compensation structure removes excessive management and buy-in costs,
  •  Risk-adjusted investment returns sustained on an absolute basis,
  •  A true commitment to your long-term prosperity and financial wellbeing.