Alternative Investment

Alternative InvestmentAlternative portfolio theory

Investing in non-traditional assets is dependent on client risk profiling. In the past, traditional asset classes such as equities, bonds and cash have served investors with satisfactory returns in line with a predetermined risk vs reward mandate.

However, as markets have evolved and investor preferences have changed, alternative investments create additional benefits for investors whose appetite for risk leans more towards an aggressive nature.

Such benefits include the potential for generating returns on investment in excess of those available through traditional mediums, increased portfolio diversification measures that seek to participate in asset classes devoid of correlation to traditional investments and the ability to defer tax liabilities through the duration of the holding period.


Alternative investment strategies

Burton Mills's alternative investment strategies continue to present private investors and their families with alternative opportunities through a range of distinct capabilities.

  •  Hedge funds - Investing capital into innovative investment funds with a strong history of outperformance. Technical long/short equity strategies, merger arbitrage and global macro strategies provide the potential for capital appreciation.
  •  Private equity - The potential to capitalize on exceptional growth stage companies and those on the verge of public offering.
  •  Real estate - Commercial real estate funds such as REITs and private residential projects provide investors with an alternative fixed income option. For capital appreciation, agricultural real estate has become a niche to present Burton Mills clients with longer-term investment returns.
  •  Commodities - Rather than trade on the daily price fluctuations of oil, gas and gold, we believe that investment in limited partnerships of commodity producing companies presents investors with the best opportunity for exceptional returns on investment.

 Equity investment

Diversified equity management strategies combine the benefits of a multi-tiered approach across developed markets, emerging markets and thematic investment.

Equity investment 

 Fixed income

Incorporating fixed income securities as part of a diversified portfolio remains integral to the delivery of consistent performance in pursuit of risk-adjusted returns.

Fixed income solutions 

Family Office Services

Burton Mills provides specialized services for complex family structures as we dedicate custom resources to meet the demand of each family member.

Our dedicated professionals assist you with the day-to-day management of your financial complexities as you strive to generate and preserve the value of multi-generational wealth.