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Fixed Income InvestingFixed income investing

Incorporating fixed income securities as part of a diversified portfolio remains integral to the delivery of consistent performance in pursuit of risk-adjusted returns on investment.

Our fixed income specialists draw upon their experiences in the trading management of corporate and government bond issues. Leveraging on our proprietary research and specific know-how, we provide clients with access to fixed income opportunities from both developed and emerging market places.

We offer fixed income investment opportunities within the following four strategies:

Global bonds

To capture value and to take advantage of market inefficiencies, our global bond strategies expose clients to fixed income securities like government bonds, corporate issues and convertible debt.

Careful consideration is placed on interest rate forecast analysis and currency risk management as part of our selection process. The very nature of fixed income as part of a diversified portfolio is to increase security against market volatility.

In this instance, wealth preservation strategies dictate our selection process as we focus on credible sources whose ratings consistently fall between AAA and BBB.


Corporate bonds

Our fixed income specialists seek to identify short-term corporate bonds with a maturity horizon of no more than 10 years. Part of our selection criteria steers clear of bonds that offer attractive rewards for increased levels of default risk.

A focus on mid-yield bond strategies exposes investors to the benefits of above-average returns whilst moderating risk. Risk is moderated through a spread of issues where balance is optimized through the variables of maturity.

For the more aggressive investor, high-yield bond strategies present a more attractive upside return, however to achieve such benefits, lower credit ratings are attached to the issues and risks are inherently increased.


Emerging markets

Offering investors access to the potential of exceptional fixed income returns, our specialists are focused on emerging economies with satisfactory credit ratings.

Macroeconomic research is a critical determinant in the selection process as we seek to identify whether conditions are favorable from one emerging jurisdiction to the next.

Currency risks are limited by trading only on principle currencies such as the US dollar, unless evidence is presented to capture value on developments surrounding local currency fluctuations.


Absolute returns

Thorough assessments of market variables are given to absolute return fixed income strategies. Based on the conviction that investor returns are guaranteed irrespective of market conditions, clients are protected by a core platform of high-grade bonds whose purpose provides portfolio stability as interest rates change.

By maintaining an internal portfolio of high-grade bonds, we are better able to control liquidity levels through the use of derivatives, enabling positions to be altered in a timely manner as markets react to economic change.

 Equity investment

Diversified equity management strategies combine the benefits of a multi-tiered approach across developed markets, emerging markets and thematic investment.

Equity investment 

 Alternative investment

As investor preferences change, alternative investments create additional benefits for investors whose appetite for risk leans more towards an aggressive nature.

Alternative investment 

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