Our Approach

Client centric approach

Burton Mills's approach is driven by the needs of our clients. We take every care to gain a deep understanding of your circumstances as together we begin to identify a series of life goals that are set as a measure of your expectations of us.

We believe that by setting such expectation driven benchmarks, our performance on your behalf can be accurately measured as we seek to maintain our responsibility as guardians of your prosperity.


Preservation and accumulation of wealth

Preserving the value of existing wealth is foremost in our approach to investment management. Accumulating additional wealth often comes as a direct result of our approach to preservation.

Whilst the financial markets are in a state of constant change, your invested positions are subject to the movements and fluctuations of market forces. To address this concern, Burton Mills's investment philosophy is focused upon maintaining portfolio flexibility to assist with the facilitation of proactive investment management.

As such, we do not tie capital up in long-term maturity positions, and we avoid securities that share direct relationships with assets of a toxic nature. We believe that the financial market place is complex enough, without confusing matters further through irresponsible investment practices.


Control your own financial destiny

Through our discussions with you, we seek to develop an investment profile that is entirely unique to your objectives. We analyze each aspect of your existing financial structure and consider your day-to-day lifestyle requirements, before presenting a vision of your future in the form of several financial plans.

Within each financial presentation we will detail a roadmap towards your success and towards the eventual realization of your life goals. This unique system of providing you with a choice of how to realize your objectives puts you firmly in control of your financial destiny.

Naturally, we remain responsible for ensuring that your chosen strategy is executed in line with expectations, however your choices in the present will transpire into different outcomes in the future.

Whilst this system of choice may appear to defeat the purpose of employing a professional firm to manage your financial outcomes, we believe that you, as our client, are only able to feel completely at ease when you experience the positive results of your choices as they unfold.


Asset allocation policies

Creating a vision of your financial future through a targeted asset allocation policy ensures that you remain on course to achieve your goals. Our flexible approach to portfolio management ensures that as markets move and economic conditions change we are able to adapt and maintain optimum levels of asset balance.

In the same manner, as you evolve through your professional and personal life, your circumstances are likely to change.

Staying true to our flexible approach to portfolio management, we are able to facilitate the process of change as we re-balance the structure of your assets in line with fresh perspectives. We seek to implement change with limited levels of disruption to the underlying focus of your longer-term objectives.

 Equity investment

Diversified equity management strategies combine the benefits of a multi-tiered approach across developed markets, emerging markets and thematic investment.

Equity investment 

 Alternative investment

As investor preferences change, alternative investments create additional benefits for investors whose appetite for risk leans more towards an aggressive nature.

Alternative investment 

Family Office Services

Burton Mills provides specialized services for complex family structures as we dedicate custom resources to meet the demand of each family member.

Our dedicated professionals assist you with the day-to-day management of your financial complexities as you strive to generate and preserve the value of multi-generational wealth.