Burton Mills

Our Edge

Value driven investment services

Creating value for our distinguished clients remains at the core of our mission. We identify assets that demonstrate the ability to deliver absolute returns on investment over a sustained period of time.

Burton Mills's in-house resources are perpetually at work creating value. By adhering to a value investment philosophy, only those assets that meet strict criteria become part of our premier portfolio of investments. Such investment opportunities do not appear every day; in fact, weeks can pass before an opportunity presents itself as being worthy of acquisition.

We believe that this diligent approach provides clients with the valuable peace of mind that comes with knowing their assets are invested under the protection of a dedicated, risk-adjusted research effort.


A trusted performance network

  •  Capabilities
    1.  Financial expertise covering every aspect required to deliver innovative, successful solutions,
    2.  Access to a global network of legal, tax, business and investment expertise.
  •  Deep industry knowledge
    1.  Participation within sectors we fully understand,
    2.  Specialized in: aerospace, security and surveillance, energy and power, real estate, retail and consumer, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, information technology, logistics and transportation.
  •  Platform of premium investments
    1.  Value-driven investment portfolio comprised of more than 165 companies,
    2.  Proprietary data analysis and continuous stress testing to determine potential outcomes.