Private Investors

Bespoke financial management

At Burton Mills we take a personal approach to meeting your investment and financial management needs. We believe that your family's long-term financial success will be achieved as a direct result of the dedicated attention we devote to realizing your aspirations. We do this in consideration of your specific circumstances and lifelong objectives.


The client experience

Our unique approach to a best-in-class client experience is reflected by a longstanding history of working with individuals and their families across multiple generations. We are able to adapt with the times as more frequent economic volatilities cast uncertainty on a financial landscape that is forever in constant change.

Our ability to successfully navigate investors and their families through a number of economic cycles is a testament to the professionals we are honored to incorporate as part of our team.

Staying true to the founding principles of our firm, we adhere to a philosophy that provides each client with a service that is specifically targeted towards his or her specific needs.

This bespoke approach to serving investor needs cannot be replicated by the larger investment houses or main street institutions. We view this as our advantage as we serve the needs of a paradigm shift as investor preferences evolve towards targeted financial management solutions.


Services to suit your requirements

Whether you are planning for retirement, seeking ways in which to preserve the value of your assets, or preparing for the efficient transfer of wealth, our highly qualified professionals will work closely with you as, together, we determine your short and long-term goals before developing and executing your tailor-made strategy.

Our professionals are individually selected on their merits, experience and capabilities to deliver upon their promises. Collectively, our team combines to deliver financial expertise across a wide range of financial discipline.

We believe that as investor preferences change in reaction to market conditions, ensuring that expert advice covering each component of the holistic financial solution provides our clients with the tools required to succeed in the current economic climate.


Financial services for private investors

  •  Financial planning - A comprehensive approach to the long-term management of your financial life, ensuring that life events are financially fulfilled without the need for excessive sacrifice.
  •  Asset management - Discretionary or advisory investment management targeted toward the unique preferences and objectives of each client.
  •  Retirement planning - Custom retirement solutions consider a range of client-specific variables in line with their financial capabilities, lifestyle choices and tax positions.
  •  Estate preparation - Tax efficient wealth transfer strategies to prevent the tax man from becoming the greatest beneficiary of accumulated wealth.
  •  Trust incorporation -  Trust management services protect assets, to improve on tax efficiencies and to delegate the distribution of wealth to selected beneficiaries.

 Fixed income

Incorporating fixed income securities as part of a diversified portfolio remains integral to the delivery of consistent performance in pursuit of risk-adjusted returns.

Fixed income solutions 

 Equity investment

Diversified equity management strategies combine the benefits of a multi-tiered approach across developed markets, emerging markets and thematic investment.

Equity investment 

 Alternative investment

As investor preferences change, alternative investments create additional benefits for investors whose appetite for risk leans more towards an aggressive nature.

Alternative investment 

Family Office Services

Burton Mills provides specialized services for complex family structures as we dedicate custom resources to meet the demand of each family member.

Our dedicated professionals assist you with the day-to-day management of your financial complexities as you strive to generate and preserve the value of multi-generational wealth.